3 Tips on How Not To Overdo It

22 Mar

Many folks have a hard time envisioning what their new custom garage is going to look like sitting next to their home in that now-empty section of grass.  It’s not their fault – it’s just human nature.  Heck, I still can’t tell if sushi is going to taste good or nasty!  So, I avoid it altogether because I don’t want to find out if I don’t like it.

Garage Builder in Raleigh

Don't Overdo It

Building a garage may seem like a daunting task, but let me put your fears to rest.  Think about it:  it’s just a shell of a building.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s what you do on the inside or outside that can overwhelm folks.  We honestly have built over 3,000 garages in the last 30 years and we’ve seen every kind of situation you could imagine.  From knuckle-bleeding, hard working folks needing a workshop to those who are retired and are past the hard working days looking for a game room for their grandkids.  We’ve worked for the ultra-wealthy and those who don’t have any retirement plan at all.  No matter what kind of person we build a garage for, we approach them all the same way and tell them:  “Don’t overdo it.”

What do we mean exactly?  Here are 3 tips to help you avoid overdoing the building of your custom garage:

  1. Keep your design simple.
    Many different roof lines, an overabundance of dormers or creating a shape of a garage that’s anything but a rectangle will add to your cost substantially.  It takes many more man hours, and material, to build many different roof lines.  It involves cutting roof rafters at different angles, managing the structural integrity of the roof, and cutting shingles to fit.  Every valley requires flashing under the shingles to whisk away the rain.  Gutters, drip edge, soffit vents and trim will also require more man hours.
  2. Don’t make your garage ‘nicer’ than your home.
    Many folks say:  “Seriously?”  Well, the answer is ‘yes’.  People live in homes, not garages (at least most of us do).  In real estate, it’s known as ‘home sales’ not ‘garage sales’.  Although adding a new custom-built garage will definitely add value to your home, taking care of your residence should always come first.  Remember that your custom garage is secondary and not a ‘main reason’ why people will buy your home.
  3. Be mindful of your budget.
    As Carolina garage builders, we’ve seen how excited folks get when we first show up with equipment to build their garage.  During the process, they’re even more excited because they see their dream coming to fruition.  They’re so excited that they now want to ‘add this and that’ to their new garage.  We call these ‘add-ons’ and many of these ‘add-ons’ will kill your budget.  Going over budget will not only stress you out, it’ll add stress to your marriage.  If it’s not a structural add-on, we suggest letting the dust settle for a little while, first.  Then, consider your add-ons and see if you can afford them or if they still make sense.  Need financing?  No worries – we offer that, too.

Are you considering building a new garage?  Do you have questions about building garages?  Click here to contact us and ask us anything.  We’d love to hear from you.

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